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Success Stories

Defunct Companies

Our client, a large regional bank, obtained a judgment against a developer that could no longer afford to make their payments. They had a personal guarantee, but the individual had no visible means of support.

After 3 years of trying to collect through their law firm, they gave it to us. Within 60 days we had located a 150 acre parcel of land that had been in the name of the developer in another state, hidden from our client.

We retained local counsel, and had the judgment recorded in the proper county. We performed all due diligence including title searches, environmental assessment, valuation study and advertisement of sale.

Though the company was no longer in business, we grossed $375,000.00 for our client from the sale.


Hidden Assets

Our client, a large financial institution, obtained judgment against a company and two guarantors. The collateral and the debtors were long gone by the time the attorneys had given up and we were hired to collect.

We were left with a corporate debtor that was defunct and two personal guarantors. One that had been discharged in bankruptcy and one 75 year old guarantor claiming he was living through the good graces of friends.

Through legal and private means we uncovered money in a trust account, controlled by and for the benefit of our 75 year old judgment debtor.

In court we proved the money was truly his and were awarded the funds. We were able to parlay that victory into a successful seizure and sale of real estate belonging to the same trust.

In the end we satisfied the $500,000.00 judgment.


Fraudulent Transfers

A large bank obtained judgment against a debtor who had put up falsely titled real estate as collateral for a loan. The loan itself was aided by an insider at the bank, who was given a kickback.

The bank brought in the FBI, private investigators and the best attorneys they could find. In the end, over a four year period, they were left empty handed.

Within 90 days of hire we discovered the debtor was attempting the sale of valuable real estate. He had conveyed all equity in the home to others through multiple false liens, including a friend and the debtor’s father.

We subpoenaed the debtor’s secretary and longtime associate, who had notarized and assisted the witnessing and filing of false documents. Ten minutes before our side was due to appear to depose her, we received a call and offer to settle.

Our client eventually received $800,000.00 to settle the claim, close to the original amount of their loan.


All Fraud

One type of fraud often leads to another. Because fraud, on the face of it, can often be easily detected, the perpetrators must commit another fraud to cover the first.

It is common for an entire range of fraud to be committed by one individual, business associates, a husband and wife, or friends conspiring together to defeat pursuit of a judgment.

The cost to commit a fraud can be fairly inexpensive, relative to the cost of unwinding the scam through court proceedings. That is why it is important to hire someone that can quickly and accurately document the chain of events.

Time and time again we have won victories against fraud for our clients by applying our skills, in the field, through our powerful private databases and through our use of the best attorneys.

Once we home in on a case we seldom lose. Our years spent uncovering all types of fraud puts us at a great advantage over those who only commit fraud part time. After all, those who commit fraud do it on their own, part time, while trying to run a business or invest their fraudulent gains.

As professionals, we know how to beat the amateurs at their game.