Asset Management Services LLC

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Judgment Recovery Specialists

Asset Management Services LLC is an international, professional company specializing in the recovery of court awarded judgments. Since 1992 we have recovered millions of dollars from cases that others could not solve.

Our ability to unwind fraudulent transfers, bust open trust accounts, reach assets considered untouchable and bring debtors to justice is legendary in our field.

Our Success Stories will give you a quick glimpse at the scope of our abilities.


Industry Leaders

We are leaders in the rarefied world of VLB Recovery (very large balance recovery). In fact, we coined the term years ago. VLB Recovery is the term used when the holder of a judgement requires an outside firm to help locate, identify and recover lost, stolen or defaulted funds, and where the amount to be recovered is an amount from $10,000.00 to the multi-millions of dollars.

Should you allow us to represent you, we will employ all our resources to:

  • Locate and seize assets
  • Negotiate favorable settlements
  • Work with our attorney network to forclose on property
  • Or garnish wages and bank accounts